Crista Dubois

Crista Dubois

Yoga teacher (speaks French and English)

Master class


"I was raised by parents who are of French origin. The food was rich and too sugary. My digestive system has never been in very good condition, due to the richness of this cuisine. At our place there was always a lot of sugar: cakes, chocolate creams, cookies, ice cream.

My body very quickly developed candidiasis as a response to all that sugar intake. It took me a long time to identify it. I had to learn how to detox sugar, which was not an easy task, because sugar, as we know it today, is an addiction as strong as any other addictions: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, drugs. Physically I was doing well enough, but my stomach was still in poor condition: swollen, tense, stomachaches, constipation.

When I was 36, my sister took her life. She was 2 years older than me and we were very close. In 2 years that followed this mourning, I put on 25 kilos. I was eating non-stop. Sweets, salty snacks, and so on. When I had enough to live like this, one day I took interest in yoga, and there was a revelation. I started by learning the basic postures, then I focused on the digestive system. I quickly felt that postures assigned to improve digestion, made me feel much better. This is how I had an idea to create sequences of postures and breathing for digestion that I tested on myself and on my students. The results were magnificent. Since then, I have continued to study the origin of stomach aches to improve my technique and to provide answers to the numerous questions that people ask me.

As I have been able to repair my belly, now I can talk about it and teach (through yoga) the path of healing. When your belly begins a process of self-regeneration, your body as a whole is filled with new energy and new life."