Natalia Reynolds

Natalia Reynolds

ASCA Therapist (speaking English, French and Russian)


Therapeutic Breathing



Natalia Reynolds is a dedicated and highly experienced student and teacher of yoga, following 15 years of regular aștānga vinyãsa yoga and 12 years of continued pranayama practice in the Swami Kuvalyananda lineage, where she travelled numerous times in Asia to practice. She is certified by both Yoga Alliance and Swiss Yoga Federation.


Natalia has spent many retreats and hours of practice being guided in meditative awareness practices from the Shivaism tradition with Anoula Sifonios, learning the subtle aspects of the play between the mind, consciousness and awareness. She is one of the few dedicated students to practice all aspects of the kriyãs and prāņāyāma practice, placing her uniquely to teach this art, along with ãsana and meditation techniques, all deeply understood and integrated into her own inner growth.


From this place Natalia invites practitioners to look within, at processes that happen within the body, and the mind, to uncover the place of awareness itself. She offers such experience with insightful guidance so you may take further steps forward towards internal freedom, free from inner conflicts that asana practice alone cannot merely reveal. Natalia manages a life of dedicated practice and teaching while raising her two lovely daughters at home in Switzerland. She hopes to share teaching from both the inner intimate aspect as well as from the practical day-to-day stressors of life, and share it all with a smile.


Group classes proposed by Natalia Reynolds at Tmed : 

  • Respiration on the meditation 
  • Pranayama 


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