Philippe Claus

Philippe Claus

Taiji and Qigong teacher

Qi Gong



In September 2008, returning from a life-changing experience in Japan that lasted seven years, Philippe discovered, by chance, the practice of Taichi and Qi Gong. Very quickly, Phillipe  realized that these disciplines not only promote the body but also the spirit. He decides to entirely devote himself, body and soul, into the practice of these ancestral arts.

In 2015, after several years of training courses in Switzerland, France and China, Philippe became the disciple of Master Liu Yugui, official representative of the Li style in Beijing, during a ceremony held in China.

Also in 2015, Philippe began training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong at the Huaxia Institute, led by Dr. Chen Gesheng, to develop his theoretical knowledge and teach at the Institute.

Today, passionate about the wonderful disciplines of Taïchi, Qi Gong and TCM, Philippe dedicates his time to teaching, to transmitting with the aim of the search for health, physical and mental, and therefore of course the well-being.