Sonia Coray

Sonia Coray

Yoga Therapist

Hormone Yoga

Yoga for kids (5-7 years old)

Yoga Senior


Sonia’s spiritual journey begins at the age of 6 with her entry into a nuns’ school, where she remained until her majority. She learned the meaning of tolerance, sharing and the search for inner strength through retreats and field work in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Yoga and her postural practice have come naturally to her meditative practice that has been with her for all these years.


Her practice and training, rich by the transmission of the know-how of her teachers, allowed Sonia to obtain the diploma of the association Yoga Switzerland and to be part of the committee of experts of this association. She continues to train through regular courses that feed the content of her own courses.


By following Dr. Lionel Coudron's yoga therapy sessions, Sonia was able to learn how to practice yoga to improve health. Her great interest in this practice made her discover another therapy called Yoga hormonal therapy proposed by Dinah Rodriguez who taught her to transmit her method by linking the consciousness of our femininity with the balance of our energy.