Violeta Djambazova

Violeta Djambazova

Ayurveda therapist with ASCA agreement (speaks French and English)

Ayurvedhair massage

Therapeutic massage

Ayurvedic massage 3 in 1 (60min)








Relaxing massage

Sporting massage

Abhyanga 90min

Abhyanga (2 mains, 60 min)


Having discovered Ayurvedic massage almost by chance (if there is one in life!), Violeta is touched to the heart by this magnificent practice. "I want to know how to do that", she said to herself and enrolled in a 3-year course near Vevey. It's a professional turn in his life and a paradigm shift. Learning the laws of how the body works, experimenting with advice on lifestyle, dietetics and training in the different massages, was like discovering that magic really exists. She also stays in India to get closer to the origins of Ayurveda.

Since then, Violeta has never stopped working the magic through her massages. Wishing to perfect her tools and attracted by traditions in general, she also trained in reboutement, the ancestor of physiotherapy and osteopathy.



- 2022 - Training certificate in joint, muscle and visceral bone-setting massage, George Bergoz's Bone-setting School, Thoiry and St-Julien d'Ance (France)

- 2017 - Diploma in Academic Medicine 1st cycle Anatomy-Physiology-Pathology, ESSR - School of Health of French-speaking Switzerland, Geneva

- 2016 - Certificate of Therapist in Ayurveda, SAMA - Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy, Corseaux-sur-Vevey


Independent therapist in Ayurveda since 2017 in Geneva

Other certificates:

ASCA approved, RCC number F168963


The therapies offered by Violeta Djambazova at TMed:

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