Francesca Chiodi

Francesca Chiodi

Therapist in massage ASCA approved (speaks French and English)



Thai massage






Hatha Yoga


Francesca Chiodi brings valuable expertise and experience to our team. With more than 13 years of practice in Shiatsu, Francesca has developed her skills by exploring different massage techniques.


She has also trained in traditional Thai massage, Kobido facial massage and classical Western massage. It is ASCA approved and also offers therapeutic massages as well as massages adapted to pregnant women.


Thanks to her travels and collaborations in India for several years, Francesca has mastered different techniques of meditation and yoga. She also incorporates Himalayan singing bowls into her sessions and can offer you unique treatments combining sound vibrations and manual touch.


Let yourself be transported by Francesca's expertise and know-how for an exceptional well-being experience. Take care of your body and mind with her varied skills and passion for holistic healing.

Contact us now to book a session with Francesca and to discover the benefits of her massages. 


Les Diplômes et les formation de Francesca:

2009 - 2011 - Ecole Internationale de Shiatsu à Milan

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