Andrée Picciola

Andrée Picciola

Therapist in Ayurveda Massage (approved by ASCA)





"Ayurveda traces a path to a better understanding of ourselves and helps us to become aware of how we function in order to strengthen our mind to make choices in favour of health and happiness".


Fifteen years ago, a restructuring of her company in a commercial sector offers her an opportunity to change her environment and her life, which often goes together. A new path opens up and lets Andrée discover a new universe, another medicine that brings a different look at the problems of our society. 


Holistic medicine, or so-called alternative and soft medicine. A subtle system, a fluctuating energy, in excess or in weakness, successfully functioning that we were hardly taught in a traditional European education, in any case,  at least 30 years ago it was barely spoken of.


In 2005, she had her first contact with holistic health system through  training of traditional Shiatsu, with the F.F.S.T in Paris. Then Andrée passed a training of a traditional Thai massage in Chang-Mai, in the north of Thailand and right after she studied classical massage in Gréoux les Bains. 


It was during a training course in Ayurveda in 2009, that everything made sense for Andrée, like a puzzle got placed together, all different types of massages that she learned and Ayurveda fit in and brought answers and solutions.


The possibility of coming to work in Switzerland, in Rolle, confirmed her desire to deepen her knowledge of Ayurveda. A meeting with the SAMA school, Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy, had accompanied her and trained her for 3 years to the profession of an Ayurveda therapist and health counselling. This teaching gave her an understanding of the functioning of a human and its different plans, metabolic, emotional, psychological. A stay in India during which Andrée was able to follow the different actions of panchakarma, regenerative cure (deep cleansing of the 7 tissues of the body) at the hospital of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in India punctuated her journey.


Today, she thanks each and every teacher who guided her steps towards this profession which allows a formidable sharing. "Each day can become a gift, each step is an apprenticeship on this path of life, one step after the other, I continue to learn, to welcome life".