Valérie Jacquet

Valérie Jacquet

Face Massage Trainer

Training Ko Bi Do 2 days

Training Kobido 2 1/2 days

Buccal Massage Training


Having graduated in Aesthetics since 1998, Valérie began to take an interest in Chinese Medicine in 2000.

Graduated from EMCQG (Chinese medicine school) in 2005 (480 hours), Valérie practices Tui Na massage and teaches Qi Gong.

Subsequently, she studied the Tui na Therapeutic Shao Yang School and validated her teachings with a clinical internship in China.

Keenly interested in the Eastern tradition, Valérie traveled to Asia to understand the art of massage, to India where she learned the basics of Indian massage from an Aurvedic doctor, a clinical internship in China (Shangai) in a hospital allowed her to practice the Tui Na and in Japan (Tokyo) where she received anti-aging facial massage methods.


For 15 years Valérie has been experimenting with different approaches to beauty through health. She creates a methodology of tailor-made Spiritual Beauty® treatments targeted at the beauty of the face.

This methodology includes the Kobido Spiritual Beauty®, the Spiritual Beauty® energy lifting with reading of the skin according to Chinese medicine, the energy points to stimulate (with or without magnets) and the facial meridians to work with Gua Sha . This energetic part brings a plus to practitioners who wish to have a different vision of anti-aging with an energetic approach.

At TMed Valérie teaches the following courses:

- Kobido massage

- Intrabucal massage

- Facial Stretching

- Taoist Qigong for practitioners to preserve vitality.

- Chinese massage of the posterior face.

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