Clarissa Piodiroda

Clarissa Piodiroda

Therapist in massage

Relaxing massage

Thaï Back and shoulders massage

Thai massage

Therapeutic massage

Thai Massage with Oils

Massage with Essential Oils

Feet Reflexology

Sporting massage

Couple Massage


Clarissa's story in natural healing began after giving birth to her daughter. Gradually she went to a life transition through holistic Healing. Helping  people become her passion.

Clarissa had the chance to be a student of the last practicing disciple of Doctor Than Van Lee, the founder of Asian bioenegetic therapy, base on traditional Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan Medicines.

She  received training in Reiki and later become Reiki Master-Teacher where she worked with cancer patients and in psychiatric hospital in Chiangmai.

To respond deeper to patients needs Clarissa also took nutrition course based on the principle of Yin and Yang. She also received training at Watpo Thai traditional medical school in traditional Thai therapeutic massage and Thai herbs.

Clarissa’s approach to healing is unique and gives you a sense of inner peace that enhances your own healing power.