Nikola Stoyanovitch

Nikola Stoyanovitch



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Nikola Stoyanovitch completed In Switzerland  a higher degree in hypnotherapy, as a specialist in therapeutic hypnosis, he is recognized by the ASCA and reimbursed by supplementary insurance. He is also registered as a practicing therapist in the Geneva Cantonal Register of Practitioners-Therapists. He is also a member of many natural medicine associations. He attend additional training annually.

 Nikola has been practicing for more than 5 years using the latest developments in neuropsychology, social engineering, quantum psychology and all the basic knowledge of all hypnosis techniques (induction into trances of different depths, non-verbal hypnosis, physio-motor testing ...) and his own developments . This is represents of hundreds and hundreds of different techniques, tools and approaches that help him to have a personally approach for each patient during his therapy to achieve the desired result!

 He use different techniques that allow to get rid of phobias, denial of abundance, bad habits, depression, burn out, weight problems, health problems, fears, sexual problems, insomnia, loneliness, celibacy ... and more. Nikola also received diplomas that allow him to work with children and carry out family therapies, engage in mental training with professional athletes, get rid of addictions (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, games, social networks ...), and also work with different psychosomatic diseases (asthma, psoriasis, cancer, allergies ... and much more) at different stages.  

“My activity is to create, transform, replace and improve the physio-energetic components of any person. This is an emotional spa treatment for body and soul”