Maximin Gaillard

Maximin Gaillard

Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine ( speaks French, English and Chinese)





Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Maximin Gaillard practices acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese Tuina massage and therapeutic Qigong


Maximin Gaillard is:


• Graduated from Hubei State University of Chinese Medicine in China and former intern in Wuhan hospitals

• Teacher and educational manager at the School of Chinese Medicine and Qigong EMCQG-CHENG XIN in Annecy / Grenoble


Maximin Gaillard has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2007. He specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, internal medicine (disease of the respiratory system, disease of the digestive system, cardiac and cardiovascular pathologies, osteo-articular disease, gynecological disorders , fertility disorders, prostate disease, etc.) and health maintenance techniques of Chinese Medicine.


Since 2019, Maximin has continued to deepen his knowledge by integrating the research master's programme, specializing in internal medicine and health maintenance techniques, at Jiangxi State University of Chinese Medicine in China, with the 1st center of energy research (Qi).


Maximin Gaillard will be delighted to welcome you at TMed on Tuesdays.