Régine Hebrard

Régine Hebrard

ASCA yoga therapist (speaks French and English)

Group Meditation

Master class gush

Yoga for the control of stress

Belly yoga

Vinyasa Yoga, back strengthening


Curious by nature, passionate about human-being and the spiritual dimension of life, Régine discovered Yoga at the end of the 90’s. In love with sports, she is ardent about the physical aspect of body movement intelligence. Régine was initiated by her mother to meditation as a child, where she anchored an interest to explore Eastern philosophy and spirituality. With the years passing by, the practice of yoga is then revealed as an evidence, a hygiene; the conjunction of the body, the breath, and the mind. With all the benefits of her experience, she decides in 2009 to deepen her knowledge by following a TTC Alliance Yoga training. Since then, she teaches a few hours a week and continues tirelessly to study (Yoga Alliance, Swiss Yoga, Yogatherapy, Yoga Nidra, Hormonal Yoga, Sound Yoga, physiology, pathology, anatomy of the movement ...) in parallel of a professional career in the banking field.


Régine teaches yoga classes based on an inventive and dynamic flow that makes you aware of the breath’s dimension, the alignment of the body and the channeling of energy. The yoga mat becomes a laboratory that allows us to experience our spontaneity, our sense of humor by reconnecting to our being and our deep values.





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