Xiaojuan Li

Xiaojuan Li

MTC - External consultant



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Xiaojuan Li was born in Hubei Shiyan in the family of doctors practicing traditional Chinese medicine. Since the age of 7 Juan has been studying medicinal plants. Her father passed on the knowledge to her by going to pick the plants off the mountains  to prepare distillations or oils. She then improved her knowledge with her uncle, a great Master of TCM, passionate about his art and well known in his region.


Juan decided to become a traditional doctor the day a traditional Chinese doctor saved the life of her mother, suffering from serious illness, using acupuncture.She decided to take over the family torch and continue training in TCM. Juan traveled across China to meet several Masters who shared with her their knowledge in pharmacopoeia and acupuncture (traditional, the Tung method, and acupuncture of the ears).


She graduated from the Medical University of Shenzhen Traditional Hospital and worked for 2 years with Master Xiong Wei in Bucharest, Romania. Every year Juan travels to Tibet and other countries around the world to carry out volunteer work, because first and foremost her first love is to care for and help people.