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Senior health: when and how to take care of your health capital?  

We only have one life... but it will be much more enjoyable if we are in good health. So we might as well take care of it now to preserve our health capital in the long term! In this article, we would like to introduce you to the benefits of


Health check up : When ? How ? Why ?

In the modern world, many of us are looking for more natural approaches to taking care of our physical, psychological and mental health. Medicine, known as alternative, offers traditional and ancestral practices, without resorting to drugs based on c


Facial treatments for a surprising natural lifting effect

The specialists at TMed offer you 5 facial massage techniques with immediate and spectacular lifting effects!


Natural medicine

Natural medicine is part of what is called “alternative medicine”. It includes a large number of therapies such as Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic and wellness massages, phytotherapy, etc. The treatments offered by this so-called ho


3 reasons to offer yourself massage session during the cold period

Massage sessions are a must have in winter season. This natural and gentle treatment helps your body and mind to cope better with seasonal changes, as well as to adapt to the new rhythm of life.


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

TMed are always happy to welcome people with reduced mobility to offer them high quality services in a space adapted to their needs.

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