Chinese dietetics

Discover all the Chinese dietetics secrets with our online training. A cuisine plenty of benefits born 2000 ago and of which the principles join the Traditional Chinese Medicine ones.


Through this Chinese dietetics training you will learn :   


- the differents nature of food and how to differentiate them,
- the 16 types of slicing and which one to use for which purpose,
- the different cooking methods,
- the big chinese traditions around the table
- how to associate food depending of their properties and benefits,
- why and how adapt our food for each season,
- many delicious recipes,
- its story, its origins and its thoretical bases,
- its close link with Chinese medicine and the Dao philosophy,
- the yin and yang in nutrition,
- that integrate a healthy and diversified food in your life routine is easier and cheaper than it seems.


NB : All the ingredients used in this class are easy to find. Only bonus recipes might contain particular food. It is the same thing about the kitchen tools. Nothing specific is required, please just make sure you have the basic things such as pans, kitchen knifes, stoves, etc.




"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food" (Hippocrate, 460 years before J-C).



Format :


One online class per week during 2-3 months. The class material will still be available during one year counting from the starting day. About the logistic you will get :


- Videos support by private access on our Youtube Chanel,
- Written thorical documents to receive by e-mail,
- Homeworks,
- Chat discussion group on telegram nor whatsapp in order to ask questions,
- Webinars with the teacher and the other participants to exchange about selected topics.


The training is accessible to all and no there are no prerequisites. Send a registration request and receive an exclusive preview with the full course program, the teacher introducion and a video tutorial of a recipe !




Next session :


The next session should start on May 10th but can be delayed depending of how much people are registered. As it is the first session ever, the training is currently satisfied or your money back. This condition applies for those who decide to stop between the 1st and the 4th sesssion because it doesn't match their expectations. At the end of each class, we will ask a feeback from each participants to improve our services quality and ensure your satisfaction on the long-term.

To receive programm and price offer please contact us!

NB : Currently, this training is only available in French. If you are interested for an english class please let us know. We might open one if the demand is high enough.




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