Relaxing Body Massage

Relaxing massage is a real source of relaxation that offers you a feeling of mental and physical relaxation.


This treatment helps you regain your inner calm and boost your energy. The treatment is carried out on all parts of the body, paying more attention to the most tense areas.


It is performed with essential oils which enhance the positive effects of this massage. Specialists in relaxing massage at TMed use different techniques: sliding pressure, friction, kneading and acupressure.



Benefits of relaxing massage


The relaxing massage is recommended for people suffering from stress, anxiety and fatigue, as well as for athletes and people doing physical work.


This treatment is also suitable for pregnant women to relieve pain, discomfort and to allow a moment of relaxation.


This treatment helps to:


  • Provide a feeling of relaxation
  • Find your inner calm
  • Reboost vital energy
  • Unblock tight muscles
  • Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Relieve back pain
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Improve your sleep


Relaxing massage at TMed


TMed offers the relaxing massage treatment in Geneva practiced by therapeutic massage and well-being specialists Gabrielle Paillat, Emmy Sithikomol and Anna Makarkina Bochatay.


Before the session, the therapist will question you about your state of health and the areas on which you would like to focus.


Following the treatment, we will invite you to take a moment of relaxation in our waiting room while enjoying an herbal tea or other hot drink.


Please make an appointment at your earliest convenience to discover the benefits of this treatment and the soothing atmosphere at TMed.

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