Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is performed for therapeutic purposes, as well as for general well-being. By working on blocked areas of your body with slippery movements, as well as by exerting pressure on your energy points and by stretching, this massage will offer you a feeling of deep relaxation and relaxation both muscular and mental.



Benefits of traditional Thai massage


Traditional Thai massage is highly recommended for relaxing muscles after intense physical effort and for those who tend to have tense muscles. Thai massage is very beneficial to :


- Relieve back pain
- Relax tight muscles
- Relieve headaches
- Relieve aching pains
- Release the stress
- Release the accumulated tension
- Regain balance and energy
- Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation



Traditional Thai massage at TMed


For this massage you will wear an extremely comfortable tunic and cotton pants. The massage is done on an extended mattress by the Thai massage therapist, Emmy Sithikomol.



Emmy is accredited by ASCA and RME. Supplementary insurance covers up to 90% of the cost of the service. Please contact your insurance for more information. To discover the benefits of traditional Thai massage, please make an appointment at TMed.

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