Sport massage

Sporting massage is a recommended treatment for athletes of all levels before, during and after training and participation in competitions.


This treatment is performed on the massage table using a muscle relaxant cream. This massage aims to focus on the painful points.



Benefits of sporting massage


Sporting massage is recommended before practicing physical exercises to better prepare your body and mind for the effort. It also aims to reduce the risk of injury. After sport, this treatment helps to facilitate muscle and mental recovery.


This treatment is effective for:

  • relieve swelling
  • reduce muscle tension
  • increase flexibility
  • prevent injuries
  • get back in shape
  • improves performance


Sporting massage at TMed


TMed offers a sporting massage service in Geneva practiced by therapeutic massage specialists, therapists Gabrielle Paillat and Emmy Sithikomol.


The therapists at TMed are accredited by ASCA. The complementary insurance covers up to 90% of the costs of his care (be sure, consult with your insurance please).


The therapists adapt the pace and intensity of the techniques to your needs. This treatment is performed on the whole body, paying more attention to the legs, back and arms area. By alternating slippery movements, pressure exercise and stretching methods, the therapist works the most tense areas, helping your body and mind to relax and get back into shape.


To enjoy the benefits of this treatment, make an appointment with the massage specialist at TMed at your earliest convenience.

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