Sport massage

Sports massage in Geneva offers a multitude of benefits for both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. This specialized therapy aims to optimize physical performance, prevent injuries and promote muscle recovery. Thanks to the expertise of qualified practitioners, sports massage targets specific areas of the body that are stressed during physical activity, relieving tension and muscle pain.

One of the main virtues of sports massage is its impact on blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps eliminate toxins and speed up the healing process. It can also improve flexibility and joint mobility, which are essential for avoiding injuries associated with intensive training.


Sports massage and…mental relaxation


Besides its physical benefits, sports massage also promotes mental relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety that can arise from the demands of playing sports.


In short, sports massage in Geneva is a holistic approach for athletes of all levels, allowing them to maintain a healthy and efficient body while improving their general well-being. Whether in preparation for a competition or in the recovery phase, this therapy brings lasting benefits and contributes to a fulfilling and balanced sport practice.


Sporting massage at TMed

The therapists at TMed are accredited by ASCA. The complementary insurance covers up to 90% of the costs of his care (be sure, consult with your insurance please).


To enjoy the benefits of this treatment, make an appointment with the massage specialist at TMed at your earliest convenience.

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