Pulse diagnosis

The Ayurvedic check-up at TMed is done by the Ayurvedic Medicine expert at TMed Vaidya Naveen Kumar Gupta.



Ayurvedic check up


Vaidya Naveen Kumar Gupta performs Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Vijnana), which determines your Dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha). The doshas in Ayurveda are the three vital energies responsible for physical, mental and emotional balance. Their imbalances are considered to be the cause of diseases.





Prescriptions following the consultation


Depending on your diagnosis, our expert will prescribe different herbal treatments. In addition, you will receive nutritional advice with the composition of personalized herbal teas.


You will also know your dominant Dosha - Vata, Pita or Kapha. Our expert will offer you Ayurvedic treatments according to your Dosha. This will help and help restore the natural balance and detoxify the body.



Expert in Ayurvedic Medicine at TMed


Vaidya Naveen Kumar Gupta has more than 35 years of practice in the field of holistic health. It is approved by ASCA and RME. The supplementary insurance covers up to 90% of his care (please consult your insurance).

Pulse diagnosis
CHF 140

Ayurvedic consultation (45-60 min)

CHF 185

1st Ayurvedic consultation (45min +)

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