Online Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic medicine specialists Vaidya Sajin Philip offers online consultations.


Meetings will take place by Skype video from your home or in our center if you want a quieter space. Before the consultation, you will receive the questionnaire. We ask you to fill it out and send it back to us at least 1 hour before the consultation.


During the consultation, our specialist makes a diagnosis of your state of health which will help him to also define what are your doshas type: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.


Based on your diagnosis, our experts will prescribe Ayurvedic medicinal plants for you. In addition, you will receive nutritional advice with the composition of personalized herbal teas as well as the composition of Ayurvedic oils for self-massage.


As our specialist speak only hindi and english, TMed can also arrange to find a translator to assist with your session if needed.

Online Ayurvedic consultation
CHF 160

1st online Ayurvedic consultation

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Online Ayurvedic consultation

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