Natural plants in Chinese Medicine

July 08, 2021




The Chinese pharmocopée: art of combining medicinal plants


The Chinese Medicine specialists at TMed use natural plants with medicinal properties to enhance the effects of acupuncture and other TCM practices.


The art of combining herbal remedies with Chinese Medicine is a practice called the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. In addition to medicinal plants (plants, roots, seeds, fruits and mushrooms), the composition may also contain extracts of mineral origin.


The synergy of several ingredients with similar properties minimizes the side effects that could be caused by consuming a single plant in large quantities.


Among the plants used by Chinese medicine experts, there are as many plants well known in the West (such as mint, dates or almonds) as much less known and used in Europe with yam, jujube, ginseng etc.



The effects of natural plants are more powerful than the effects of acupuncture.



The composition of the plants can be prescribed only by the acupuncturist or the specialist in Chinese Medicine with expertise in this field. The mixture and dosage of natural plants are personalized for each person and adapted to the symptoms diagnosed during the consultation. Medicinal plants can be used both preventively and curatively.



Depending on how your condition changes, the TCM specialist will adjust the composition of the plants and the dosage. Indeed, the prescription given to you at your first consultation may no longer be suitable 6 months later.



Pharmacopoeia specialists at TMed


TMed is proud to count among its specialists in natural medicine, real experts in Chinese pharmacopoeia, Weimin Zhu and Mahin Abbasi Bafghi. Our TCM specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding treatments made with natural plants to treat symptoms such as insomnia, digestive disorders, painful periods, infertility, headaches and back pain etc.



The supplier of plants at TMed


Following the consultation, the Chinese Medicine expert at TMed determines the composition of the mixture of natural plants for you and places the order with our partner LIAN CHINAHERB (, the pharmacy specializing in Chinese therapeutic products based in Swiss. The plants will then be delivered to your home.



The recipe for plant preparation


Once the plants have arrived, we invite you to set the date for a second consultation with your Chinese Medicine expert at TMed to receive the details of the preparation of the plants.


Our specialists remain at your disposal to answer your questions and give you further information if necessary.



The testimony


“I have had painful periods since I was a teenager. Allopathic medicine has not allowed me to find either the cause or the solution to relieve my pain. For this reason, I made an appointment with the Chinese Medicine specialist at TMed. At the first appointment, the specialist gave me a pulse diagnosis and was able to determine the dysfunction in my kidneys. This dysfunction manifested as excessive sweating at night, throughout the year, and was one of the causes of my painful periods and fatigue.


The specialist prescribed the medicinal plants to me to consume 3 times a day for 10 days.


After the treatment was over, I felt changes in my body. I started to sweat a lot less at night and woke up to feel more rested. Most importantly, I no longer had a painful period or mood swings. "

Katya, 32 years old

July 08, 2021

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