Acupuncturists in Geneva: how to choose your therapist?

March 22, 2022

Acupuncture is one of the pillars of Chinese medicine. Indeed, it is the most used technique by therapists and the best known among patients. This treatment is practiced by specialists in Chinese medicine also known as acupuncturists.


Acupuncture is a 100% natural treatment that aims to restore the balance of vital energy flow in your body and thus improve your state of health.


TMed is proud to present our team of acupuncturists in Geneva who welcome you to our center. Endowed with a great experience and a passion for their profession, each of them has their own specialization and their own professional path in the field of complementary medicine, as well as western medicine.


We often receive questions from our clients about how to choose the best acupuncturist for them. This is why this article talks about the specialization of our therapists in Chinese Medicine to guide you in your choice of acupuncturist at TMed in Geneva.







Weimin Zhu, of Chinese origin, has been practicing acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine treatments for 40 years.


Dr. Zhu specializes in the treatment of chronic and acute pain related to the back, spine, and posture, as well as foot problems. We also recommend it for clients suffering from chronic diseases because these cases require a deeper diagnosis and a complex treatment including acupuncture, Chinese pharmacopoeia or Chinese therapeutic massage Tuina.


During the first appointment, Dr. Zhu makes the diagnosis of your state of health by observing your pulse and your tongue in order to identify the causes of your disease or your symptoms. Once the causes have been determined, he adapts the treatment according to your needs and your condition.


 best acupuncturists Geneva


Dr. Zhu has developed and practiced an effective method for the treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations. In addition, these treatments are particularly recommended for quickly relieving acute pain.


The acupuncturist, Dr. Zhu, receives at TMed in Geneva on Monday. He speaks Chinese and French. He is approved by ASCA that means 90% of his services can be reimbursed by your complementary insurance.






Mahin Abbasi Bafghi is an acupuncturist with several years of practice in Switzerland and Iran. She has achieved great success in the treatment of complex multi-systemic pathologies such as psoriasis, paralysis or even depression. Today, alongside therapeutic acupuncture, she practices aesthetic acupuncture, a 100% natural treatment with lifting effects.

Mahin speaks French, English and Iranian. She will be delighted to welcome you to our center in Geneva as acupuncturist.


 aesthetic acupuncture Geneva





Slava Sviridovs is an acupuncturist with over 15 years of experience. After training in Chinese Medicine at a university in England, he start practicing in 2006 in a London hospital (NHS) and in parallel in private clinics in Brighton and Hove. Slava started seeing her first patients as acupuncturist in Geneva in the spring of 2012.


In his acupuncture practice, Slava Sviridovs uses several methods: a contemporary approach of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a constitutional acupuncture technique based on the Five Elements and the Balance Method of Dr. Tan (a technique of modern acupuncture). For each patient, our specialist carefully selects the protocol that best suits their condition and symptoms.


acupuncturist specialized in fertility


Currently, Slava focuses on:


  • Treatment of chronic and acute pain, including neurological pain;
  • Allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and support for patients undergoing allopathic cancer treatment;
  • Infertility issues, support for women during pregnancy and the postpartum period;
  • Nervous and emotional balance: depression, anxiety and insomnia.


Slava speaks French, English and Russian. It is ASCA and RME approved, two certifications recognized by most complementary insurances, thus allowing you to be reimbursed for part of its services ( please contact your insurer to find out the reimbursement conditions).





Of Chinese origin, Sujie Shi worked as a nurse in various hospitals in China, before completing university training in Chinese medicine in 2014 in China. After her move to Switzerland in 2016, she started practicing acupuncture and receiving patients in Geneva at our TMed center.


acupuncture doctor Geneva


In her practice, Sujie Shi uses acupuncture, Chinese therapeutic Tuina massage for adults and children, as well as belly massage. She specializes in pediatric Tuina massage. This 100% natural treatment is recommended for the treatment of all common children’s ailments start of birth to the age of 10.


Sujie Shi speaks Chinese and French. She is a member of the Association of Practitioners in Natural Therapies Switzerland ( APTN



Acupuncturists at TMed in Geneva


What all acupuncturists at TMed in Geneva have in common is their ability to be attentive to the needs of each person. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and that you have a trusting relationship with him/her.


At TMed, your specialist answers all your questions about your health, your feelings during and after treatment, and your concerns or fears about treatment.


A few words about the treatment at TMed: we ask you to come 15 minutes before your first appointment in order to fill out a form. Once completed, you are then invited to join the therapist's office.


At the beginning of the session, the therapist asks you questions about your state of health and your lifestyle and carries out a diagnosis by pulse if necessary. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will be invited to change into soft cotton pajamas so that you can feel comfortable during the treatment. Our treatment rooms all have heating that the therapist can adjust according to your needs.


When you are well settled, the acupuncturist introduces fine and sterilized needles into the acupuncture points corresponding to your diagnosis.


Once the needles are in place, you can rest or even fall asleep during the exposure time, which can last up to 45 minutes. The therapist stays in the room with you if you wish or live you alone.


We wish your experience at TMed would be enjoyable at every step of the treatment and you could enjoy taking care of your health and rejuvenating yourself.


If you have any other questions or would like to make an appointment with one of our acupuncturists at TMed in Geneva, please contact us by phone or via the contact form.



March 22, 2022

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