Chinese pharmacopoeia

Traditional Chinese Medicine is made up of five branches, five tools that allow it to help humans regain their physical, mental and emotional balance:


Medicinal plants


Among these five, pharmacopoeia takes the most important and most used place. The pharmacopoeia is an art of combining medicinal plants in order to offer you a natural treatment adapted as closely as possible to your needs. It includes substances from the different kingdoms of nature: vegetable, mineral and fungal.



Prescription of medicinal plants


After a diagnosis of your state of health, one of Chinese pharmacopoeia specialist at Tmed,  Maximin Gaillard, Weimin Zhu et Mary Segura can prescribe a formula adapted to your case to fight against your ailments.


Formulation methods and dosages comply with precise rules, proven and validated over centuries of use.


Herbal remedies can be used in two ways: preventive and curative. Please, find here, the recipe for the preparation of medicinal plants.

Chinese pharmacopoeia
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Pharmacopeia prescription (1st prescription)

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Pharmacopeia prescription (follow up)

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