Tuina Massage

Tuina massage is a Chinese therapeutic massage practiced by specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


This massage technique gently works the body's energy deficiencies and blockages. By applying pressure to acupuncture points, groups of muscles and nerves, the Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist restores the flow of vital energy in your body.



Benefits of Tuina massage


Tuina massage techniques are effective in alleviating physical pain and regaining inner calm. This massage is suitable for people under stress and suffering from anxiety.


Otherwise, the Tuina massage is highly recommended:

  • to treat chronic and acute pain
  • to accelerate recovery after illness or accident
  • to stimulate your body's immune system
  • for back pain
  • for any type of digestive disorder
  • for preventive purposes


Using Tuina massage for preventive purposes helps to maintain your body in good health by stimulating its immune defenses.



Tuina massage at TMed



This massage can be performed alone or be accompanied by a Chinese Medicine treatment if necessary.


For the Tuina massage sessions at TMed you will be dressed in comfortable pajamas and the massage will be performed on the massage table.


To discover the benefits of Tuina massage, do not hesitate to make an appointment with the specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine at TMed.

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