Consultation with a TCM specialist

At TMed, for Chinese services, it is recommanded to start with a consultation. Depending to your symptoms and needs, our team will select the most qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine therapist we have to  take good care of you. The consultations can be done face-to-face in our center or online at your convenience.

TCM Consultation at TMed


If this is your first consultation, upon arrival at our center before your appointment, you will be asked to complete a form. The latter is used to assess your state of health. Once filled, we guide you to our cabins to change into pajamas so that you are more comfortable. During this time, the therapist takes the opportunity to look at your form and learn about your current health condition.

During the consultation, the specialist carries out the diagnosis by the pulse. At the same time, the specialist will also observe your eyes, tongue and nails. The observation of all these elements allows to bring additional information and to better understand why you are in a certain state of health.

Once the consultation is over, thanks to all the information accumulated, our expert is able to determine the cause of your problem and offer you the most appropriate treatment to improve your condition. Treatment usually begins with acupuncture as well as taking medicinal plants prescribed by the specialist.

Subsequently, depending on the number of sessions required and the evolution of your state of health, the therapist may recommend other additional treatments such as moxibustion, cupping or even tuina massage.

TCM Online consultation

At TMed, our expert also provide online consultations. The appointment takes is made through video-skype from your home or within our center if you want a quieter space and the therapist cannot be present.


A questionnaire will be sent to you before the consultation.  It must be returned to us at the latest one hour before the start of the session. A member of the TMed team can join the meeting to act as a translator during the session if you wish.


After your consultation, depending on the diagnosis, our expert will prescribe you different herbal treatments. In addition you will receive nutrition and lifestyle advice adapted to your case. Each treatment is tailored according to your symptoms and your profile.



NB : Concerning the herbal treatment, in case of side effets from a treatment prescribed by one of our therapist, please contact us as soon as possible.

Consultation with a TCM specialist
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1st TCM consultation with treatment and herbs prescription (75 min)

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Online consultation TCM (1st consultation)

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