Ayurvedic health advice

April 30, 2020



Ayurvedic health advice:


Today I’d like to describe you a small, healthy everyday gesture.

It’s a small gesture of oral hygiene that some people might already know.

Its importance in our daily life directly influences your digestion.





And above all, I must tell you about the important role of our digestive system:


In Ayurveda Agni; also known as digestive fire, facilitates the transformation of food so that food fulfills its role of a correct  distribution of energy, which will support, strengthen and nourish our 7 tissues.

When agni is powerful, food is properly digested. Most kinds of toxins, produced mainly from undigested particles, called ama in Ayurveda, accumulate and cause diseases.

Hence the importance of having a good digestive fire, which is optimized by the flavors, called RASA, which will be the subject of a different topic.

Like a tree drawing nutrients from the earth by its roots, nourishing the sap which will circulate in all the parts of the tree to give it the most beautiful fruit, Ojas, which means that what is being invigorated by analogy for the human being it will be the power of reproduction but also that of regeneration.

Ojas is therefore the essence of body, the substance of all hormonal secretions that supports the immune system.

Good health is necessary for everyone, accompanying the life process through each stage of transformation in the present and over time.





The first action you need to take:




Process this morning ritual right after waking up, that will take you 5 minutes and will help you to start the day with a clear voice and a clear eye.




*Scrape your tongue with a special tongue scraper during 3 minutes or until noticing the color change of the tongue. Remove the white deposit that is created overnight on the tongue, which is the manifestation of poorly digested toxins by Agni, our digestive fire. This is the first step, rather than reintroducing these undigested toxins into your body by swallowing them, you eliminate them by scraping them off.




* Take sesame or coconut oil in the mouth and make circular movements with the cheeks to make it circulate between all the dental interstices. In Ayurveda this is called GANDUSH. This process removes everything where toothbrush could not reach and that stays in between the gum and the teeth. Massage the gums. No bacteria grows in oily soil, unlike a moist environment. It improves salivary tissue which is the first ingredient of our digestion. Spit and rinse.




* Drop a small amount of salted water in each nostril while putting the head back, you can add water in the mouth and make a gargle. Spit.


These 3 steps clean the ENT part and stimulate 5 senses, allowing a better perception of the senses, taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

Not only you facilitate your digestion but also you bring clarity in your thoughts. These actions drive out the “mists” of the mind because you act on the different senses which are related to Prana, vital force, which interacts with our nervous system.

Flavor directly affects our nervous system through Prana, the life force that is in the mouth, which is connected to Prana in our brain. By stimulating Prana, natively the gastric nerves, the flavor affects agni and facilitates adequate digestion (we will discuss it more in details in a future article).

After that you can proceed with your day, do yoga, meditation or both.

April 30, 2020

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