Kobido - Before and after results

June 24, 2021

Kobido is a Japanese facial massage known for its immediate anti-aging effects, 100% natural, thanks to its unique and effective ancestral technique. 




Aesthetic side of Kobido massage 


Kobido massage works in depth with the muscles of the face, neck and head. Fatigue and stress make the muscles in these areas tense and contracted. The therapist's precise, yet gentle movements stimulate the tissues and work on the facial muscles to naturally increase fibroblast production, collagen creation and relax tense muscles. The improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation tones the skin, making it smooth and reducing the signs of fatigue.


Relaxed muscles offer immediate visible effects on the skin, which becomes more supple and radiant while fading wrinkles and facial furrows.


Well-being side of Kobido massage 


The tender gestures performed by expert hands and the fine scent of essential oil lull you into deep relaxation to help you clear your mind and forget all your worries.


After how many sessions will I see visible effects ? 


The first effects are already visible after the first session. Then, in order to maintain these effects on the long term, it is recommended to do 10 to 12 sessions with a frequency of 1 to 2 times per week. At this rate, your face will look fresher, firmer and more relaxed in a 100% natural way.


How many sessions do I need ? 


The number of sessions depends on your skin type, condition and age. During the first appointment, once your skin has been analyzed, the therapist will be able to determine the number of sessions needed.


 How can I distinguish a good Kobido from a bad one ? 


The first distinctive sign of a good Kobido technique is that it has immediate visible effects: 


  • The face is tightened 
  • Small wrinkles are reduced
  • The skin is more radiant and rested 


These effects must then be visible in one way or another on the four areas that have been worked on, namely 


  • Neckline
  • Face 
  • Head


Finally, a Kobido massage is only properly performed if it ends with lymphatic drainage of the face. 



Kobido massage specialists at TMed


TMed selects its massage therapists with great care in order to offer you the most qualified people. Currently, the center has two Kobido massage experts: Anna Makarkina-Bochatay & Ambroise Munier. Both of our specialists have a great deal of experience in the field and are available to listen to you in order to best meet your needs.



Recommendations before and after Kobido massage


Here are some tips given by Anna Makarkina-Bochatay, a Kobido massage specialist at TMed: 


  • Clean your face in the morning and evening, even if you are not wearing makeup
  • Apply facial care products adapted to your skin type (it is important to know that skin type varies throughout our lives and depends on factors such as lifestyle, nutrition, climate, hormones, etc.) 
  • If possible, do at least one facial peel and a more gentle exfoliation every week.



The steps of your morning and evening routine are identical:


  1. Cleanse the face (with gel, foam or cleansing milk)
  2. Apply tonic
  3. Apply the eye, face and décolleté serum and let it work/penetrate for one minute
  4. Finally, apply the eye cream with the patting gesture and then the face and décolleté cream following the self-massage lines demonstrated in the video below.


Anna Makarkina-Bochatay, our Ko Bi Do facial specialist gives you her special tip for your morning routine:


"Before you start, refresh your face with ice cubes made with chamomile or calendula infusion. This ritual makes your skin firm, tightens pores and blood vessels."



Client Testimonial


"Kobido massage represents an incredible facial massage experience with an immediate "healthy glow" effect and a plumped up face in just a few hours. The following days, the impression that the energy is flowing again throughout the face is lasting. In the long term and with regular practice, wrinkles and fine lines fade away, my skin is more supple, more hydrated.


Beyond the sensory experience of one hour of gentle stimulation of the face, performed with a high quality organic massage oil, I highly recommend this massage which is the guarantee of a more beautiful skin, a more relaxed face and which is incredibly effective in reducing the effects of aging.


My Ko Bi Do massage sessions practiced by Ambroise Munier have also replaced the monthly radio-frequency sessions I had been having in a dermatology office for years. " 


Élodie Moulis 

June 24, 2021

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