Relaxing massage for back well-being

July 27, 2021




Relaxing massage for back well-being


Your well-being and quality of life largely depends on the health of the spine, which is associated with the muscles of the back. Over time, muscle cramps, if left unchecked, can lead to occasional or chronic back pain.


It is the back muscles that support the body's weight and its main load. To alleviate this problem, massage is one of the most effective means because it helps reduce pain in the back muscles and joints.


To avoid fatigue of the muscles and joints of the back, it is recommended to offer yourself to a relaxing massage as a preventive measure. A relaxing back massage at TMed will reduce the load on the back muscles, relieve chronic fatigue and psychological stress, improve blood circulation and metabolism as well as your overall mood.



What is the relaxing back massage for?


  • relaxation of the back muscles
  • prevention of chronic back pain
  • general body strengthening
  • improvement in psychological state (stress causes muscle tension)


When is it recommended to make an appointment for a relaxing back massage?



There are a number of factors that can indicate the need for a relaxing massage. The number of sessions and the recommended frequency are determined by the relaxing massage therapist at TMed during the first appointment, and depends on your muscle tension, overall health and personal expectations.



Indications and signs that lead you to a need for a relaxing massage:


  • sedentary lifestyle
  • sedentary work
  • insomnia, stress, depression
  • fatigue during or at the end of the working day
  • strong physical activity (professional or amateur athletes)


Why is a relaxing back massage necessary for everyone?


Every day, the back muscles work a lot to support the body, both sitting and standing. Whether you are actively loading them or staying in a static position for a long time, the muscles tighten. They are responsible for our mobility. Over time your muscles tighten and the slightest movement is painful. Over time, if you don't take action, the pain increases and can become chronic, dramatically affecting your quality of life.



Relaxing back massage


So it turns out that regardless of lifestyle, we are all susceptible to back pain. During the relaxing massage, your body produces what is called the happiness hormone, it is this that causes a feeling of euphoria, that renewed energy and that desire to move mountains after your massage is finished.



How to choose your massage therapist?



Of course, the training followed and the certificates of the massage therapist are important. But another equally important factor is how you feel during the massage. If the heat spreads throughout the body, if a feeling of lightness appears, if your general well-being improves, if your skin becomes slightly pink; then you have found a top level massage specialist.


At TMed, the specialists in relaxing massage are attentive to your needs and preferences! In addition, the atmosphere of relaxation and calm in the center will help you to dive into the world of well-being, to recharge your batteries and to recharge your batteries with positive energy.


If you need to relieve fatigue and tension or to lift your spirits from discomfort after a hard day, make an appointment for a relaxing massage at TMed with one of our therapists!



In case of chronic back pain or following an injury or childbirth, we advise you to opt for a consultation with one of our specialist in Chinese Medicine, in order to diagnose the causes of your pain and receive the prescription of treatments adapted to your case.

July 27, 2021

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