The insurance reimbursement guide

August 10, 2021


To know before making an appointment if you wish to be reimbursed by your insurance.




If you have additional insurance and want your treatment to be reimbursed, take the following steps before making an appointment with TMed.


Ask your insurance company the following questions, preferably by email, in order to have a written record:


  • According to my contract, what am I entitled to reimbursement?
  • From what amount can the treatment session be reimbursed?
  • What percentage of the total cost of the treatment session will I be reimbursed?
  • What are the methods recognized by my insurance as reimbursable?

Please note: Most insurance companies do not accept reimbursement for preventive treatment.


Therefore, check with your insurance whether or not you need some proof to be reimbursed.




  • Contact your insurance company stating the name of your therapist or masseur, as well as their registration number and make sure once again that the care and method of this specific therapist is recognized and reimbursed by your insurance.


  • Receive written confirmation of reimbursement


Table of TMed therapists and their aggregations


ASCA Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Specialists



RME Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Specialists

  • Slava Sviridovs - RCC number : F466662
  • Maximin Gaillard - RCC number : V782763

ASCA Certified Ayurvedic Specialists

ASCA approved massage and phytotherapy specialists

RME approved massage and phytotherapy specialists

August 10, 2021

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