3 reasons to offer yourself massage session during the cold period

November 04, 2021


You may have observed that the change of seasons has a big influence on nature, as well as on our health and well-being. With the shorter light day and the lower temperatures of the winter season, we begin to experience lack of life energy and emotional turmoil like sadness and irritability. This weakens our immune system and increases the probobility of getting sick.


Massage sessions are a must have in winter season. This natural and gentle treatment helps your body and mind to cope better with seasonal changes, as well as to adapt to the new rhythm of life.






1. Reboost your vital energy


Massage is a simple and natural way to boost your vital energy and regain your good mood. This treatment stimulates the natural production of serotonin, endorphins and dopamine, the neuromodulators contributing to our state of well-being and relaxation.


The gentle gestures of massage therapists, the light and pleasant scents of massage oils, the atmosphere of calm and serenity at TMed plunges you into the world of deep relaxation, allowing you to maximize the beneficial effects of this treatment.



2. Moisturize the skin


The cool, dry winter air dries the skin. The massage movements increase blood circulation and further stimulate the better penetration of oils into the skin. You will find your skin very soft and well nourished after a massage session.



3. Strengthen the immune system


Lymph is a fluid that circulates in lymphatic vessels located throughout our body. The main function of the lymph is to clean the body by flushing out toxins.


In general, during the winter period, our physical activities are considerably reduced. This causes stagnation of lymph and therefore toxins in our body.


Massage stimulates lymphatic circulation and thus helps your body eliminate toxins and regenerates the body. This treatment strengthens your immune system and increases your body's resistance to seasonal viruses.


Do you agree that spending a few hours on the massage table is nicer than a few days with a fever and cold in bed?


TMed offers you a wide range of massages so that you can find the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.



Take care of yourself !

November 04, 2021

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