Natural medicine

February 16, 2022

Natural medicine is part of what is called “alternative medicine”. It includes a large number of therapies such as Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic and wellness massages, phytotherapy, etc. The treatments offered by this so-called holistic medicine are 100% natural and always adapted to your symptoms and your state of health.


Natural medicine in Geneva



The disease from the point of view of natural medicine


Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, considers health in its entirety. They take into consideration the mental health, the physical health and the moral health of the person. Indeed, the cause of the same symptom or the same disease differs from one person to another and can be caused by:


  • psychological problems (excessive stress, lack of energy, etc.),
  • unsuitable nutrition for your body,
  • bad habits (smoking, overconsumption of food or alcohol, lack of sleep, etc.)



Alternative Medicine


During the first appointment at TMed, our specialists in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine carry out your health through pulse diagnosis. This diagnosis allows to determine the exact causes of your symptoms or disease. Then they will prescribe a tailor-made treatment and give you advice on how to improve your nutrition and your lifestyle.


At the center TMed, each client benefits from a personalized approach and treatment adapted to their case. Natural medicine approaches aim to offer you a 100% natural treatment by accompanying you in the healing process so that you can regain your health and preserve it in the long term.


It is important to understand that natural medicine does not offer miracles. This is a more or less long process, which requires a certain commitment and motivation on your part. Thus, healing or relief from chronic pain can sometimes take as long as the disease or symptoms took time to settle in your body.


With us, the specialists offer care and advice only if they perceive that you are ready to integrate them. They know that a sudden change risks to be difficult to respect in the long term. For that reason favor a longer and slower treatment. To go step by step to change your habits and your nutrition in a radical way, but also in a gentle way.



The role of nutrition for health


From the point of view of natural medicine, nutrition is a “key” element to maintaining good health. As Hippocrates said in 460 BC “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”.


Healthy, balanced nutrition that is above all adapted to your state of health makes it possible to amplify the effects of the treatment and above all helps you to maintain a good state of health over time.


Holistic Medicine


Proper nutrition: what is it? Every organism works differently. Everyone follows a different way of life. Some also live in different climatic conditions and thus, our organism must adapt to climate and season changes when these arise. At TMed, all of these factors are taken into consideration by the therapist during your consultation. From this, he/she will be able to develop a diet adapted to your condition.


For example, one of our clients came to treat a problem related to women health and lack of energy. The therapist suggest her to lose at least 5 kilos in order to improve his health. For that, he advised her to consume homemade halva (a pastry made from a mixture of grains, nuts and honey) daily. By following his recommendations and eating this food daily, the client managed to eliminate the 5 kilos gently and regained vital energy.



The importance of a balanced lifestyle for good health


The rhythm and quality of your sleep, the work-life balance, the regular practice of physical exercises, the psychological and emotional state : all these elements play an important role for your health. The lack or excess of these causes imbalances in your body. Often, although minimal at first, symptoms begin to appear and it is at this time that action is needed. Unfortunately, it is often only when the symptoms become really bothersome that people decide to act. By ignoring the first signs, we push our body to transform these symptoms into disease.


It is for this reason that it is important to start treatment as soon as possible, as soon as you feel the first symptoms appear or even before in case of doubt.


According to the natural medicine approach, the body communicates through a symptom or a disease by signaling an imbalance. Do not ignore these signs and consult quickly to regain the balance on your organism.


For instance, a client came with the demand to relieve menstrual pain. In addition to acupuncture treatment and nutrition advises, the therapist prescribed singing lessons to free her from negative emotions. After 3 months of treatment and singing lessons, the pain was considerably relieved. Thus, when the client gave us her post-treatment feedback, it was very positive. Since then, her emotional state has improved a lot and her confided anger and sadness has decreased significantly.



The TMed team of therapists


TMed is proud to have trained and work with a team of qualified specialists who are passionate about their respective approaches. This team is made up of specialists in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and massage therapists. All our therapists have many years of practice and continue to improve by following new training courses each year.

February 16, 2022

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